Japanese Restaurant in Jail

I had my dinner in one special restaurant named Oxxxe -Ya, a few weeks ago before Chinese New Year. The restaurant was designed as a jail and serving Japanese food.

I was so excited to try out new thing. So, I posted with the menu.
I like the design and the environment.
This is the bar (Emm, not only for alcohol but for the sushi as well). One of the bartender is a foreigner, quite handsome :P.
The menu...not cheap.... I am still ok at that point of time, since they put in effort to design the place. So i ordered a bimbimbap and i think Francis ordered some mee soup, I forgot about the name d.
Everything turned bad the food was served. The green tea was so expensive only a tea bag with hot water (but it’s the best of the night :P). Believe me...how expensive is it? This one cup of so call " Green Tea" cost us RM 5.90. Although they said free flow, let me tell you, just pour in hot water only and the hot water cost us RM 5.90!!

I thought it is still ok, as long as the food is good, but seems like they really want to ruin that night. My bimbimbap came, when I saw the rice without any steam coming out, my heart already half stopped. A bimbimbap should serve in really hot condition when all the steam still coming out in a hot bowl. The bimbimbap that they served was no steam and not even hot at all!!

Then the mee soup came....we almost pengsan, it's just like the steamboat that we eat during Chinese New Year (and the one my mom cook is much more better then theirs).

Too bad, we didn't take pictures of the food, because it's so irritating until we forgot about taking picture. The outlook is bad, the taste is worst.

Oh ya, we did ordered some sushi. It takes around 45 minutes to serve a plate of 4-5 sushi, we have to keep on asking on the "status" before the sushi finally served and it really scared us...that is the worst sushi that both of us ever had.

The conclusion of that dinner was:

Good environment (may be not good at all to some people) but worst food.

If you want to go and try just to proof that I am wrong, you are welcome. Do inform me if you think I'm wrong, thanks. Details as below:

9 & 11, Leith Street, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang 04-2624772 (Next to Equator College, behind Continental Hotel)

Japanese Restaurant in Jail. Business Hours: Sun-Thurs (12pm-2.30pm, 5pm-12am),Fri-Sat (12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-1am).

All the above is just my personal opinion on the experience I have in that restaurant. It does not mean to create any damages to them. If they see this blog, then I hope that they can really improve themselves and I AM WILLING TO GO AND TRY AGAIN IF THEIR IS ANYONE TELL ME THAT THEY ARE GOOD IN FUTURE.

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Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !